For hospitals, choosing the right emergency department management provider is both essential and difficult. Quality and affordable care are, of course, vital, but so is finding a company that can provide support and expertise in a variety of different areas – not just help with filling shifts on your ED team.

For physicians, finding the right ED management company to work for can be similarly difficult – especially for any physician who is looking for a flexible work schedule and excellent work-life balance. That’s why Concord Medical Group is the perfect choice for both hospitals and physicians.

Why Choose Concord?

Physician-owned and operated, Concord Medical was started in 2001 to serve the needs of rural hospitals in West Texas. By following a foundation of excellence they established from the start, CMG has now grown to serve three additional states.

But what sets CMG apart from the others?

Collaborative Transparency

CMG understands that if your ED isn’t successful, they aren’t successful either. They work tirelessly to fit into your facility’s mission and philosophy while striving to find ways to best serve you. 

Physician Placement

CMG is dedicated to matching physicians with a facility and ED team where they’ll enjoy practicing medicine while benefiting financially and maximizing personal time. You’ll get to set your own schedule, whether it’s part-time or full-time. Also, you’ll work as an independent contractor – which allows you to enjoy the tax benefits of 1099 status. And because CMG often works with small community hospitals, you’ll be treated as a true team member who’s highly appreciated by the community. Moreover, CMG will provide 100% of your malpractice insurance.


CMG offers consulting and management that’s custom-fit to your practice and patient base. We’ll help you solve difficult problems while helping you to increase your revenue. We also understand that the health care industry is always changing and CMG is here to help you find solutions, whether it’s restructuring your organization, increasing patient flow efficiency, improving communication, or even helping you develop your organization as a whole.


CMG has the expertise when it comes to matching the right health care providers with the right facilities. They have physicians who are looking for new opportunities right now. CMG will help you with both recruiting and permanent placement. A CMG physician will have an understanding of your facility’s needs and standards, will have up-to-date state licenses and certifications, required controlled substance certifications, and all certifications required by your facility. 

Credential Review

When you receive information about a medical provider who has applied to work at your facility you can be assured that it has already met CMG’s strict eligibility requirements. Every provider that’s presented to you will have met or exceeded your specific standards and credentials. 

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