At Concord Medical Group (CMG), we believe in quality, which is why we are the leading hospitalist and emergency medicine staffing company in multiple states across the country. Since 2001, our experience and knowledge have given us the tools to help our clients be the premier patient care facility in their region. How can we do the same for you? We’ll not only strategically provide you with board-certified physicians, but also tailor our services to best fit your needs, while meeting your goals.


What You Can Expect From Our Team

We are always proactive in our pursuit of excellence. Our management and regional medical directors will work together to ensure we are providing you and your patients high-quality customer service.

Benefits of working with CMG:

  • We are quick to respond to your facility’s needs.
  • We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • We can schedule on an on-call basis.
  • We make on-site visits to meet with your administration and staff
  • We will attend your community events, board meetings, and other activities.

Contract Models

We offer comprehensive hospitalist staffing and emergency room services under three contract models:

  1. Contracted long-term staffing and administration. CMG is paid by hospitals on an hourly basis for EM services; hospital obtains third party reimbursement.
  2. Contracted short term or temporary staffing when the hospital is understaffed (referred to as “locum tenens”).
  3. Fee-for-service long-term staffing and management in which CMG bills third-party payers for EM services provided.

Physician Recruitment

We recruit and retain high quality and like-minded physicians that are dedicated to maintaining and contributing to each facility’s culture. Here’s our method of recruitment:

  • Attending physician association and continuing education conferences
  • Sponsoring residency programs events
  • Meeting with physicians face-to-face
  • Contacting physicians who have experience working in similar environments
  • Performing a mandatory evaluation


Further cementing our reputation of matchless service to our clients, we:

  • Guarantee that our physicians will be available for on-call coverage and provide full-time physician services.
  • Make sure all practicing physicians who provide medical services for CMG must obtain clinical privileges and medical staff appointments at the hospital.
  • Supervise clinical performance and quality of care by the non-physician staff, as specifically directed by the hospital.
  • Provide malpractice liability coverage insurance for CMG and our physicians in amounts no less than $200,000 / $600,000.
  • Are responsible for invoicing and the collection of fees attributed to the physician services provided.


Because of our dedication to honesty and accuracy, with our invoicing procedures we:

  • Provide sign-in sheets for each facility to confirm who worked during each shift
  • Annotate any deviations from the schedule.
  • Provide any additional information you may need.

*Billing occurs monthly.

At Concord Medical Group, we realize that if you aren’t successful, we aren’t either. Therefore we understand the importance for a collaborative effort. As you’ve learned, we can not only meet your hospital’s needs, but also exceed them. From our personal and experienced staff to the way we do business, we are confident that we will provide quality hospitalists at your facility 24/7.

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