Most, if not all, Human Resource managers or hiring managers can tell you that finding and attracting top talent takes time away from existing obligations.

Not that staffing is any less important, however.  But as companies scramble to fulfill immediate hiring needs, the time and resources needed to make it work present a big challenge.

It’s certainly true with hospitals, too. And that’s why medical staffing agencies are so important.

Working with a medical staffing agency like Concord Medical Group has many benefits, not only for hospitals but also for physicians who are looking for work that’s both fulfilling and meets their current life needs.

Let’s take a closer look at how a hospital benefits when it works with a medical staffing agency.

1. Hiring is more complicated than ever

Hiring a qualified employee for your hospital or ED department used to be a lot easier. That is, until the number of laws and causes concerning hiring grew enormously over the past few decades.

Whether it’s dealing with workers’ comp issues, the Affordable Care Act, health insurance, or equal opportunity regulations, the strain is much greater on your HR staff than ever before. But working with a medical staffing agency dedicated to finding the highest-quality physicians for your facility will ease that burden.

2. Deeper talent pool

A dedicated medical staffing agency like Concord Medical Group has developed a deep pool of qualified physicians and always are looking for ways to expand that pool. It begins with an extensive credential review that includes personal interviews and reference checks and a dedicated staff of physician recruiters who are constantly seeking out the best candidates.

In turn, hospitals have the confidence of knowing that a physician candidate already has been pre-screened before he or she ever walks into the door.

3. More physicians are choosing to work with staffing agencies

People in the workforce as a whole – not just those in the healthcare field – look at staffing differently than they did in the past. For one, they enjoy the flexibility of working in a facility that best suits their needs (and the hospital’s needs) while allowing them to maintain a strong work-life balance. And the demand for skilled workers is only getting higher.

4. Top quality medical staffing agencies deliver promptly

There will be a time when you need to fill gaps in your ED shifts quickly or run the risk of physician burnout and lower quality patient care. A good staffing agency will always be available when you need them and have physicians ready to step in immediately.

5. Physician evaluation

Your medical staffing provider should continually evaluate its services. That starts with physician evaluation, patient satisfaction analysis, chart review, and more.

6. The Concord difference

The Concord Medical Group’s goal is to partner with healthcare facilities to provide the best in patient care while helping the facility operate more efficiently. CMG is committed to finding the highest-quality physician for each facility it serves.

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