In an ever-changing healthcare landscape, most hospitals face enormous pressure when it comes to providing quality care that’s affordable and meets all of their patients’ expectations. And that’s why many of them are seeking a wide range of services when choosing the best emergency department (ED) management company.

Selecting the right ED staffing and management provider means finding one that can fill a variety of needs while ensuring high quality care that puts the patient’s needs first. Here are some things to look for when choosing the right ED management team.

True Collaboration

Finding the best ED staffing and management provider means finding a truly collaborative partner that fits into the mission of your hospital. It’s important to find an ED management company that understands that its success is tied solely into the success of the hospital it serves.

Quality Service

Many companies emphasize quality service at the foundation of everything they do, but not all of them actually deliver it. Make sure you choose a company in which service is not a lost art, but is truly motivated to help your hospital find the best solutions. The company’s exceptional customer service should set it apart from its competitors.

Physician Recruitment

Providing quality physicians who fit best with your ED and philosophy is of utmost importance when it comes to choosing the right management company. Does the company have an extensive credential review method in place that includes personal interviews and reference checks? The ED department is the face of your hospital, and patients should feel confident that their healthcare needs will be met at your hospital thanks, in large part, to caring physicians who communicate with them.

Value Through Partnership

Because many ED staffing and management companies are focused on finding physicians to fill shifts, they can lose sight of what it means to be a true partner with your hospital, i.e., truly connecting with the local medical community in a meaningful way while also managing administrative duties.

Post-Care Evaluation

Ensuring patient satisfaction means finding a provider that has a continuous evaluation and care examination process in place, and one that’s always open to improvement. It’s one that takes patient complaints seriously while handling issues that arise efficiently and decisively.

Thorough Credential Reviews

Every medical provider who applies to work in your facility should have all the documentation they need to ensure that they meet and exceed your facility’s specific standards and credentials.

Open Communication

Addressing questions and concerns promptly means finding an ED staffing and management company that is always available when you need to reach them. It should also meet with your administration and staff, attend board meetings, as well as attending community events and activities. Also, it should be one that follows up with you after one of its physicians provides service at your facility to get your feedback, as well as to best align physicians with your organization’s ideas and attitude.

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