Why Choose Concord

Our Staff

At Concord Medical Group, we are dedicated to partnering with your healthcare facility to provide excellent patient care and help you operate more efficiently, while generating more revenue for your hospital. We are proactive in our pursuit of quality. In addition, our highly trained and experienced staff in Dallas, Fort Worth, Abilene, Lubbock, and Oklahoma City are all a phone call or an email away including the owner of our company. We don’t shy away from problems. We solve them even if that means an on-site visit.

Physician Recruitment

At Concord, our goal is to find the highest quality physician who also realizes the importance of communicating with patients with a caring attitude. Our extensive credential review method involves a lengthy process including reference checks, personal interviews, and due diligence. We have a deep pool of highly qualified physicians, and our physician recruiters never rest. Our goal at each facility is to develop a core group of physicians so that the patients from your community can get familiar and comfortable with who we are. We realize that the ER is the face of your hospital, and we want patients to feel confident that they can come to you for any of their healthcare needs.

Physician Evaluation

The emergency department is in a constant state of motion. We are too. We are in continual evaluation of our services. The front lines are our physicians. Our physician evaluation process involves chart review, patient satisfaction analysis, interpersonal interaction assessment, and performance-based compensation.

Collaborative Transparency

At Concord, we realize that if you aren’t successful we aren’t either. Therefore we understand the need for a collaborative effort. Our desire is to fit in as best we can to the mission of your facility. Any way that we can help our physicians and staff learn to better help you is our mission. Honest communication enables us to work with you to achieve your goals.

Extensive Physician Training. Individual Facility Research. For More Satisfied Patients.

We love our docs and know what a good job you do to try to match us up with good fits and the hard work you do to foster those fits. We are always just as pleased with your quick responses when there is ever an issue.

Sharon from Eastland Memorial Hospital