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  • Who Are Our Physicians?

    1. We manage an extensive, growing network of qualified and caring medical providers.
    2. Each is vetted to ensure compatibility with your community’s unique needs.
  • Our Physicians Will Have

    1. An understanding of your facility’s individual needs and standards.
    2. Maintained all unrestricted state licenses and certifications.
    3. State and Federal controlled substance certifications.
    4. Specific certifications as required by your facility.
    5. Good standing on your medical staff by meeting requirements for privileges.
    6. Compliant participation in Medicare and Medicaid programs.
    7. Medical services rendered in a competent, professional, legal, and ethical manner.
    8. Courteous and professional treatment of patients and staff at all times.
  • How Do We Recruit Physicians?

    1. Attending physician association conferences.
    2. Sponsoring residency program events.
    3. Attending continuing education conferences.
    4. Attending continuing education conferences.
    5. Attending continuing education conferences.
Increasing Patient Satisfaction. Increasing Patient Volumes. For More Satisfied EDs and Hospitals.
Greater Flexibility • Physician OperatedFor More Satisfied Providers.
Extensive Physician Training • Individual Facility ResearchFor More Satisfied Patients.

Because There is No Substitute for Patient Satisfaction.

Concord provides quality physicians that understand the challenge of rural health care services and provides the administrative support to ensure we are satisfied.